Writing Samples


House Rules (Single-cam)

After getting expelled from college, a talented, young, card player moves in with his estranged brother — a recently divorced father of two.  Not all love is lost, as their free-spirited, nomadic, sister returns home with a British, wannabe rock star fiancé she just met.  Together, they navigate the poker game of life while trying to keep their secrets hidden from their strict Chinese immigrant parents. 

I Got You Abe (Animated)

Disgusted with Trump and what he’s done to the country, Abraham Lincoln asks God to resurrect him back on Earth so he can restore America to its former glory. Along the way, he teams up with his last living descendant — a young black man from the Bronx whose life is also in need of a turnaround.

My Mixed Up Family (Multi-cam)

A Chinese-American man and his white American wife struggle to raise two teenagers and a Hong Kong foreign exchange student who is anything but your model minority. With the “aid” of the family’s strict, immigrant, Chinese grandmother, they attempt to balance both cultures and embrace what is their very own screwed up, worked up, mixed up family.

Requires Assembly (Single-cam)

Three jaded Ikea employees struggle to find and assemble the “missing pieces” in their lives while suffering moronic customers, a sadistic boss, and Swedish meatballs with questionable content.

The Strip (Single-cam)

When 25-year-old James Hawthorne unexpectedly inherits ownership of The Bordeaux — Las Vegas’ most prestigious hotel and casino, it takes all of his strength to keep his collection of dysfunctional friends and co-workers from tearing his sanity and the hotel apart.