“Crazy Rich Asians” in theaters NOW!

“Crazy Rich Asians” hits theaters today!!! I encourage everyone to see this film, it is truly spectacular. I’ve already seen it once and am seeing it again tonight, and will probably go a third time. It is so exciting and inspiring to have an American studio film starring an all Asian cast that is also written and directed by Asian filmmakers — I never thought it would happen! Congrats Adele Lim on an amazing script!
This film is so much more than a “rom com,” it digs deep into love, family, culture, and finding happiness from within. And trust me, you don’t have to be ASIAN or CRAZY RICH to enjoy or relate to this film. It’s universal in so many ways and I promise you’ll leave the theater satisfied.
There’s been a lot of articles and interviews in the press lately, but this one was one of my faves. Check it out!
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