Writing Samples

The Strip (Single-cam)

When 25-year-old James Hawthorne unexpectedly inherits ownership of The Bordeaux — Las Vegas’ most prestigious hotel and casino, it takes all of his strength to keep his collection of dysfunctional friends and co-workers from tearing his sanity and the hotel apart.

My Mixed Up Family (Multi-cam)

Dennis and Stephanie Loo struggle to raise their two half-Asian teens and a Hong Kong foreign exchange student who is anything but your model minority.  With the “aid” of Stephanie’s immigrant Tiger-Mom-in-Law, they attempt to balance both cultures and embrace what is their very own screwed up, worked up, mixed up family.

Requires Assembly (Single-cam)

Three jaded Ikea employees struggle to find and assemble the “missing pieces” in their lives while suffering moronic customers, a sadistic boss, and Swedish meatballs with questionable content.